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Food display in the food store, be sure to emphasize the freshness of all products. Light as an important promotional tool should be able to perfectly highlight the characteristic color of the food. The high color rendering of the light source and the "right" light color enable the color of the display food to be displayed accurately without distorting it. Not only can take into account the sensitivity of different products to light and heat can also reduce the aging of the meat and cheese melted to reduce the loss of products.Its advantage is that the light is basically free of infrared and ultraviolet light and the color of the light According to different types of food to be customized. In addition, it has excellent low-temperature start-up performance, long life, low light attenuation, the advantages of diversity. In addition, the LED's frequent switching does not affect life, and can be activated immediately - which makes it useful for emergency lighting. . In addition, LED lamps emit less heat than the traditional lamps and lanterns, and the energy needed for cooling in air conditioners is correspondingly reduced, which can not only reduce the operation cost of shopping malls or food stores, but also protect the climate and environment for the sustainable development of mankind Make due contributions.

  • Counter and checkout counter
  • Bread and cheese and dessert
  • Fruit&vegatable
  • Fresh meat and fish
  • Freezer& refrigerator
  • Wine lighting
  • Entrance hallway
  • Ordinary shelves

Cashier district to highlight the visual guidance to consumers, so that they can easily find the area to complete the purchase. And the area is usually a large flow of people, cashiers are also in a continuous high-intensity work status. 

 Therefore, for cashiers and customers, it is important for cashiers to see the goods and coins clearly. Good lighting also ensures that customers can easily read the contents of the cash register. To choose the color temperature 4000K, the average illumination of more than 300lux, lighting uniformity is relatively high. 

 Comfortable and brightly lighting environment allows the cashier to focus on working hours without tired; but also to create a hasty environment, to ensure that customers quickly checkout, leave quickly to ensure smooth cashier zone.

Are you looking for ways to make your food more appealing? Luxurious lighting highlights the rich color and texture of the product, bringing a tempting aroma. Keep fragile cheeses using our zero-calorie LED track lights. Baked goods look even more delicious with bread and bread rolls looking fresh under the golden light, which makes the food look fresh and delicious except with a CRI better than 90 and is the perfect choice for baking pastries 2700-3000K warm color temperature while R10 > 90 because it gives the perfect display of all your favorite golden appearance of toast. NO uv ir does not make pastry, sweating, fading. In illumination, 1000lux illumination level can well stimulate the customer, carefully selected, resulting in procurement. For baked goods and other baked goods, according to the overall environment appropriate to reduce the illumination. Highlighting its beauty in bright light tends to make it easier for customers to make purchasing decisions.

Fruits and vegetables look both shiny and fresh, highlighting the quality of the product and therefore appealing to customers. Lighting in the area not only ensures the perfect presentation of the product, but also considers the effect of temperature on the shelf life of the product. It is not appropriate to use a lamp that emits too much heat to cause the water loss of the fresh fruit and the loss of freshness of the fruit, meanwhile To be equipped with high color rendering CRI> 90 cold light source without ultraviolet and infrared radiation, and use track lighting as the key illumination. Such as the color temperature of the fruit area to choose a warm 3000K is better, the vegetable area is to choose cold color 4000K or so. The average illuminance reaches 300 lux, the illuminance of the key area should reach above 500 lux.

Shoppers generally identify the quality of meat and fish based on appearance, so light can be used to increase the appeal. With a special lighting system, it makes tempting beef, juicy lamb and freshly harvested fresh fish. While meat and sausage reds are emphasized by special lighting, fat-containing white is still visible; cool white or blue light with intense contrast is used to make seafood more fresh against shiny glittering ice. The lighting solution is equally effective for sushi and sashimi.

As far as freezers are concerned, the lower the temperature, the better. Helps to maintain the freezing environment and reduce energy costs with LED lights that do not raise the freezer temperature. Bright, clean lights improve product color and quality, making them more attractive. For frozen food areas that are rarely visited and carefully considered by consumers, whether it is in the refrigerator or in the freezer, the frozen food is both fresh and cool. The lighting temperature should also be reduced to a minimum so that the lighting is balanced in the display and preservation of the food. Lighting installation distance to ensure the freezing of food, but also must ensure that the colorful brand packaging full of bright colors, so that customers can more easily see all the goods. Even if the product is at the corner of the freezer or at the bottom of the frozen layer, make sure they have enough visibility in front of the customer.

Hey bring sensory enjoyment. Revamp the wine region to a sophisticated environment that appeals to its customers. The bright color of red wine is highlighted by the warm lighting and the white wine looks fresh  under the refreshing natural light. The light of low color temperature and low illumination should be used for illumination. Because the red wine in the natural light or light exposure continuessly will appear  defects under the light pollution, so that the wine taste will change bad.

The entrance is the main store of commercial stores, consumers first impression of the grade and positioning of the store. Good entrance lighting should be guided, interesting and display the grade of the store, can arouse consumer awareness of consumer, bright space also makes consumers feel safe. Such as entrances and exits generally larger flow of people, for safety reasons, the basic lighting entrance relative to other regions higher brightness, people feel more comfortable when entering the lobby. If properly installed some lights will have a better consumer guide.

Shelf area is the main supermarket display of goods, the need for both horizontal and vertical lighting, so that all the goods have enough opportunities for consumers to buy. Therefore, the shelf area lighting is the best show of lighting technology. Due to the distance between the shelves closer, the lighting should be to avoid the shadow, the color temperature to choose neutral 4000K, the average illumination to 300lux above.

Installing lighting, for some flatness, rich layers, more details, you need to clearly show the various parts of the exhibits, the projection should be reduced or weakened shadows. Can use the direction of diffuse lighting is not obvious or cross-lighting, to eliminate the interference caused by the shadow.


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