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The fashion house is not just a store, but an experience. Attract customers with stunning, glamorous store lighting, leaving your boutiques an indelible impression on your customers. Drive sales and deliver your brand philosophy through the charming atmosphere of the store.

  • Counter and checkout counter
  • Shop Window
  • Sales area lighting
  • Fitting room
  • Products display

Cashier district to highlight the visual guidance to consumers, so that they can easily find the area to complete the purchase. And the area is usually a large flow of people, cashiers are also in a continuous high-intensity work status.

Therefore, for cashiers and customers, it is important for cashiers to see the goods and coins clearly. Good lighting also ensures that customers can easily read the contents of the cash register. To choose the color temperature 4000K, the average illumination of more than 300lux, lighting uniformity is relatively high.

Comfortable and brightly lighting environment allows the cashier to focus on working hours without tired; but also to create a hasty environment, to ensure that customers quickly checkout, leave quickly to ensure smooth cashier zone.

Window is the window to display the brand image, is the shop's "eyes" is an important channel to promote the theme, is also shop contact customer media. Outstanding window lighting design, not only to attract more attention, while allowing customers to eyes Store window for more than a few seconds to stay for more opportunities to deal with through a variety of functions including led downlight lamp, led track light, led linear light, led gimbal light, led wall washer light in different ways on the display Multi-angle lighting to create a rich lighting levels to achieve a vivid effect, so that perfect show in front of people.

1, through the scattering lamp led downlight on the window to provide the basis for illumination, so that the entire space filled with soft light base environment.

2, in the window above the edge using led track light to highlight the display of products, create visual focus, to attract the eye of purpose.

4, the use of led lighting at the bottom of the lamp to eliminate the top of the projection lamp has too deep shadow, should pay attention to glare, often led linear lights hidden in the lamp slot. 

5, through the top, bottom led downlight wall washer light wash the background wall, can emphasize the depth of field and eliminate the interference of daytime glass reflection can provide ambient light atmosphere. 

6, to the activity led trunk light flexible subsidies need to strengthen the brightness of the place.

Lighting can bring customers a more enjoyable shopping experience, and can play a good shopping guide. Highlight the main push through the light of the popular style, and create a good lighting environment, passing the brand image and positioning, channel guide potential customers and stimulate the purchase point of view, the use of track LED spotlights as the key lighting products, a combination of small angle and middle angle. Around the walls of clothing used in the perspective of lighting lamps, midfield part of the island all use a small angle of lighting, creating a more intense sense of rhythm, level of feeling. Color Index CRI> 97. Highlight the original color clothing.

Women choose 3000k CRI97 color temperature, creating a colorful, relatively warm and comfortable fashion atmosphere. Men choose 3500K CRI97, to create a simple and stylish, relatively solemn style.

Choose sportswear 4000K CRI90, to create a healthy and spiritual heroic image, to meet the customer's worship psychology.

Research shows that 60% of people make buying decisions in fitting rooms, so it's important for customers to be able to pinpoint themselves in lights that have aesthetics. Lighting can beautify the external image to help you achieve this goal. Attention to the design of the fitting area is very important, the lighting of the fitting area has the following requirements: the color reduction (high CRI)is better, because the customer is here to watch the color effect of clothing; in order to make the customer's skin look more attractive, the appropriate use of color temperature Low light, the color (R9>90)slightly reddish; No dressing room fitting test room lighting illumination can be lower, more warm; dressing mirror light to avoid glare.

Product Display Lighting delivers the core spirit of your brand and creates a great light that plays a crucial role in the customer's shopping experience. Using dynamic store lighting that emphasizes color, texture and quality gives customers a stunning experience and a boost in buying. Application of light projection will have different light and dark effects, can make clothing with three-dimensional, texture, and show the lighting needed for the exhibition atmosphere, while highlighting the brand characteristics. For some flatness, rich layers, more details, you need to clearly display the various parts of the exhibits, the projection should be reduced or weakened shadows. Can use the direction of diffuse lighting is not obvious or cross-lighting, to eliminate the interference caused by the shadow. Some products need to highlight the three-dimensional sense, you can use side light to the combination of irradiation. Showcase lighting should have a good color, medium and high-end clothing stores should use some of the key lighting, you can use led track light and led linear lights for local lighting.


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