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Dining area lighting must satisfy a variety of eating and drinking functions and make the environment look beautiful. It must provide the best possible presentation of people, food, tableware, and other furnishings on the table while lighting the table area and the entire space

  • Restaurant space service desk lighting
  • Restaurant space entrance area lighting
  • Restaurant space aisle area lighting
  • Restaurant space lounge area lighting
  • Restaurant Chinese restaurant lighting
  • Restaurant western restaurant lighting
  • Restaurant Catering room lighting

Help desk for pre-dinner greeting and postpone checkout, lighting requirements to meet the 300LX, so that customers clearly feel the hospitality of staff, satisfied with the consumption, to patronize again; in addition to meet the necessary illumination, the lighting design should be created, Make the service desk more creative. In fact, with the prevalence of LED light source, the industry has more light environment to create the choice of elements should make full use of all available elements to create a more artistic sense of the atmosphere of the restaurant desk, to achieve the best light environment.

Entrance area is an important place for dining space, there is the role of pass business card, reflecting the taste and style of the restaurant, it is recommended to use more transparent decorative materials, so that both allow the restaurant interior is more open, but also allow outside pedestrian feel the dining space Interior atmosphere. Because the restaurant dishes, decoration style, cultural connotation and tone vary, lighting design should be combined with different styles to match design techniques. A restaurant entrance with a narrow beam light high CRI on the focus of LOGO lighting, so that the original color from the wall color LOGO more obvious,

Aisle lighting design often because the aisle features a single heartless neglect, in fact, the proper use of food and beverage as a whole also add a lot of comfortable environment a lot; professional aisle lighting in addition to providing the necessary safety illumination, but also can play a decorative role on the environment, serve two purposes . 

The aisle space characteristics of the restaurant determine that it is not as limited as the table, thus providing ample imagination for lighting design. Designers can play a broader imagination base on following the basic principles of lighting design and people-oriented principle.

Each lamp is set to achieve lighting effects, should play its role, lighting should be set to achieve results. The small restaurant uses lighting spots to create a good light environment while visually connecting the interconnected spaces. The desktop light spot provides the normal dining illumination of the table top. The floor light trails the footsteps of pedestrians and has good guidance.

Dining space lounge lighting professional restaurant managers to provide customers with better, more professional services. Dining space The lounge area is a public area dedicated to customers for waiting before meals and after dinner. In fact, many cafes, bars, tea bar originally had this feature. Rest area lighting should be similar to the restaurant lighting, lighting should not be too bright, it should be warm and comfortable,

The art creation always brings people different feelings. The Chinese restaurant subverts the traditional restaurant mode, which is a breakthrough in the concept of art. The perfect combination of various Chinese elements not only provides meals, but also diversifies functions of the restaurant and carries out other functions Entertainment activities; original chic environment installed tailor silk art chandeliers, so that the entire space has the finishing touch effect.

The clay pots that are illuminated with light are the intensified expression of Chinese culture. The special environment requires special lighting language to interpret the connotation. However, the traditional Chinese restaurant is decorated with ordinary lighting and lighting art to achieve the goal of not letting the environment Become tacky, but not too special, properly handled.

Chinese restaurant illumination should be higher than the Western restaurant, working table 0.75m table height illumination 200Lx, color rendering index requirements Ra> 90, while the glare value UGR <19.

The infiltration and spread of Western culture, western restaurants quickly occupy a corner in the dining industry, so that domestic consumers have the opportunity to experience the new food culture. KFC, McDonald's, Dicos, etc. 

They spread is a low-end consumption of fast food culture; and some high-end restaurants, cafes, bars have also been rapid development. 

Upscale restaurant for lighting design provides a broader creative space, designers can make light in the restaurant architecture art creation, lighting design ideas bloom in the restaurant atmosphere. 

Western restaurants are often used for informal gatherings, entertainment, general business banquets, etc., which give lighting design creation to provide more room for play, without having to rigidly adhere to the traditional factors. Restaurant lighting should not be too bright, the working surface 0.75m height illumination can be 100Lx, color rendering index requirements Ra> 90.

Almost all the catering  room lighting provided by artificial lighting, with elegant and comfortable environment to retain customers. Private rooms as a part of the dining space, different from the meaning of other dining areas, usually have a certain privacy; catering lighting design must first make customers feel at home, soft and natural light environment for customers comfortable and relaxed; followed by a distinctive, Through aesthetic design rules of light to achieve the performance of the beauty. 

 Catering Room lighting both the pursuit of unity and need to be changed, the main unity in the lighting device shape, decoration, color, tone and composition to achieve unity, from the local to the overall unity. However, it is boring and unnatural aesthetics can not be sustained only if there is no change in the unity. It is usually stimulating and attractive to adopt regular changes. Irregular changes can make people feel confused and complicated, and should be changed in unity. Catering Room lighting also need harmony and contrast, harmony that is, each part of the coordination. 

Contrast is to produce a control, the appropriate use of color contrast on the color tone will have a wonderful effect, usually make the space more active and more ambitious atmosphere.


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