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The office is a place for workers to work in close visual field for a long time. It takes a long time for the eyes and needs to provide the workers with a simple and bright lighting environment to meet the needs of the staff in office, communication, thinking and meeting. Regional unity and comfort, but also through the office space to visitors to spread a good image. Therefore, the office decoration environment should have higher lighting requirements. Good office lighting environment can give people a sense of openness, pleasant, help people improve work efficiency, create more benefits for the enterprise.

  • Reception lighting
  • Personel office lighting
  • Open office area
  • Hallway lighting
  • Meeting Room Lighting

The reception environment is very important, both to make visitors feel welcome, but also to show the company's personality. As the front window of an enterprise, the front desk not only shows the strength of the enterprise, but also highlights the cultural connotation of the enterprise itself. Therefore, it is necessary to formulate corresponding lighting modes according to the overall positioning and decoration characteristics of the company. Lighting the overall brightness of the high demand, the use of downlights as the basis for lighting, while the spotlights to guide the background image of the wall focus on lighting, to highlight the corporate image, show the strength of the enterprise results.

The single office generally has a certain level of leadership to use, uses include regular work and reception, there are small training and conferences. Lighting should be based on functionality, combined with space to add atmosphere to create a decoration. Usually worktable area can be diffused grating lamp panel or anti-glare series downlight. At the same time can be anti-glare ceiling spotlights to enhance the facade of the wall lighting, improve comfort, and create a good office environment.

 As an area with the largest proportion of office space, the open office covers all the functional departments of the company, including computer operation, writing, telephone communication, thinking, work exchange, meeting and other office activities. In the lighting should be combined with the above office behavior to uniformity and comfort as the design principle, usually using a uniform spacing of the cloth lamp method, combined with the ground functional area using the corresponding lighting. Workbench area with line lights, the working space uniform light and reduce glare. Use of downlight lighting in the corporate office access area to replenish light. Our open area lighting creates a delightful, inspiring workspace that can be personalized to help team members work more efficiently.

Corridors that are not often used, but they always use a lot of energy. By installing dimmable downlight when not in use and accompanied by microwave induction or infrared sensing (human sensor) function. You can greatly reduce your costs. Coordinated lighting themes can also guide visitors through your building.

Maximize the effectiveness of your meetings by creating an environment conducive to concentration and physical and mental well-being. The power of our office lighting solutions can help you get the best out of your team and help your team work better so you can get better results from your group discussions. Conference room is a major decision-making parliament of the company's premises, including meetings, training, negotiation, video viewing, meeting and other functions, lighting should be used for different purposes, combined with intelligent control of a simple switch or mode selection, to achieve different functional lighting scene Request. Regardless of the length of the meeting and the number of participants, whether it is a one-way reportable conference in a large conference room or a roundtable communication conference in a small conference room, the purpose of conference room lighting is to stimulate participants' imagination and encourage them to communicate with each other. At the same time, the participants' facial expression is also the most important task in conference room lighting. Lighting should avoid inappropriate shadows and contrasts.


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