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Application of lighting in theme catering design

Aug. 30, 2022

The characteristics of the theme restaurant are not only reflected in the main course, but also the corresponding theme culture and environment should be established to assist in creating an atmosphere. In the design of theme catering, people's pursuit of food has been from the unilateral taste to the experience and feeling of the environment and atmosphere, and the operation and development of the theme restaurant, that is, consumers' recognition of the atmosphere of the theme restaurant.


1. Combine the content of the theme restaurant with the functional design of lighting

In the dining environment, the theme environment has become a major consideration for consumers in addition to taste. Theme catering design, the creation of environmental atmosphere and lighting Settings are inseparable, it can be said that the restaurant can make consumers experience its main style, lighting functional design occupies a considerable proportion. This also requires designers in the process of lighting setting, should be around the content of the theme restaurant related thinking divergence, and then combined with their own knowledge system and artificial mechanism to carry out scientific and reasonable lighting design.


2.Use lighting to enhance the atmosphere of the theme restaurant

Lighting is an important tool to create a dining environment. In the process of the corresponding theme catering design and planning, it is not only to create the atmosphere of the overall dining environment, but also to add color to the food presented by the lighting, so that people enjoy the beauty, experience the beauty and feel the beauty in the dining process. Make full use of light and color to creatively define each dish, make it distinctive and enhance the sensory experience.

It is not difficult to find that in the construction of the light environment of the space, the application of light and color is the key to the overall dining effect. Therefore, the scientific grasp of the connection between light and color, and combined with the theme catering design, through the collocation and layout of light and shade and tone, to add artistic effect and visual experience for the dining environment. Such as: red light makes the meat color more delicious, yellow light makes the dining environment full of warm atmosphere.


3. Improve the image of the theme restaurant by using different lighting forms

In the actual design of themed restaurant space, most designers choose lamps according to the available market supply. At present, the lamp market is also unprecedentedly developed. There are endless lamps of different styles, specifications and sizes, such as downlamp, ceiling lamp, chandelier, spot lamp, pearlescent lamp, incandescent lamp, gold halide lamp, xenon lamp, etc. Meanwhile, the colors of lights are also red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and other corresponding colors. In the face of such a diverse lighting market, how to use it to create a comfortable and beautiful indoor dining environment depends on the designer's choice and collocation ability. Generally speaking, in the theme catering design, the use of lamps and lanterns should be considered from the overall and local aspects.


From a local point of view, according to the layout of the theme catering design, lamps are added in specific locations to enhance the illumination and effect of local areas and furniture. In the specific theme catering design work, by adding chandeliers, spotlights (track lights) and wall lamps to strengthen the local illumination level, can also improve the overall dining environment spatial hierarchy and lighting effect. The improvement of the lighting system and the design of the form show, on the one hand, improve the image of the overall dining space, on the other hand, consumers can comprehensively feel the environment, taste, atmosphere and so on in the dining experience.



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