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Why Is Restaurant Lighting Important?

Nov. 26, 2021

Many factors influence the perfect dinner. Ingredients, technique, service and ambience must blend together in perfect harmony to create an experience worth leaving home for. The food itself gives an obvious impression, but it's easy to overlook the huge impact the environment can have on a meal.


According to a study by the University of Missouri-Kansas City, people choose to patronise restaurants for emotional reasons as much as practical ones such as location or food quality. People eat where they feel good.


Brightening up a restaurant

One way to radically improve the feel of a restaurant environment is through lighting. Perfecting the lighting in a restaurant is a science, from how it affects the way we perceive food to the way it changes our mood. According to Nation's Restaurant News, the colour temperature of the lighting is directly related to the exact colour of the food. Customers can literally appreciate more of their food if it is well lit. Restaurant lighting plays an important role in the overall customer experience.

Restaurant Lighting

 Restaurant Lighting

The right restaurant lighting can differentiate between satisfied customers and those who decide to eat elsewhere. Lighting also helps to direct the customer's attention to the restaurant. With lower or dimmer lighting, the restaurant will feel less crowded.


Proper lighting enhances kitchen performance

Preparing high-quality food in a poorly lit kitchen can be quite a challenge. In order for kitchen staff to produce quality food in a timely manner and for it to look like a work of art, proper lighting is essential. Remember that the lighting in the kitchen area needs to take into account the safety of the staff and the food.


Proper lighting sets the mood

Research shows that customers seek a different experience when eating out. Unlike the 'fast-track' dining experience of getting in and out, customers are now looking for a 'time-efficient, more emotional and social dining experience. Eating out should appeal to all the senses, not just the taste of the food. Lighting is designed primarily for the customer, not for the business.

To get the best results, lighting should be placed in areas where the bar and food can be prominently highlighted.

75w Osram SMD Led Track Panel Light

75w Osram SMD Led Track Panel Light

Appropriate lighting can differentiate spaces

Lighting in a restaurant should always serve a functional purpose. The restaurant contains different areas that are essential to the overall function of the business and the customer experience, such as the waiting area, the dining area and the bar area. All areas should have different lighting to reflect the purpose of each area. For example, separate seated areas within the premises should be dimly lit for a more intimate feel, while waiting areas should be brightly lit for a more inviting feel. By differentiating spaces within an establishment, the space may appear larger, more inclusive and inviting.


Appropriate lighting can affect safety and security

Last but not least, lighting is vital for the safety and security of customers and staff. Often, restaurants can accommodate large numbers of people, which can cause problems if an emergency occurs. It is vital that customers can easily navigate exits in the event of an emergency. Additional emergency lights or backup lights are needed in the event of a power outage. Outdoor sensor lights are also encouraged to avoid intruders late at night or in the morning.

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