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How to Choose the Right LED Track Light?

Nov. 07, 2022

LED track light is a track light with LED as the light source. It is widely used in shopping malls (clothing stores, furniture stores and other brand stores), car display, jewelry, star hotels, brand clothing, high-end clubs, Bo heritage exhibition hall, chain shopping malls, brand business hall, professional windows, counters and other key lighting places, is the ideal light source to replace the traditional tungsten halogen lamp and replace the metal halide lamp. With the continuous development of electronic technology, the market is full of new styles, different shapes, flexible and versatile.


1. LED light source is a cold light source, no radiation, no heavy metal pollution, pure color, high luminous efficiency, low strobe, energy saving and health. Ordinary metal halide track light is a metal halide lamp as the light source, metal halide lamp luminous principle is the heavy metal element mercury by gasification and two electrodes react to produce light, heat, radiation, and in the bad must be handled carefully, or may pollute the environment (mercury is a heavy metal element, harmful to human health.

 LED Track Panel Light


2. LED track light is a typical feature is energy saving, the same brightness of LED track light and ordinary metal halide track light, LED track light power consumption is only 40%-60% of the ordinary metal halide track light, see its power-saving effect.


3. The life span of LED track lights of big brands can reach at least 30,000 hours, while the life span of ordinary metal halide track lights is generally in 8,000 hours, which shows the big difference in the life span of the base.


How to choose the right LED track light?

  • LED track type: the software of the inline track lighting system can be linear or low voltage, single control loop or 2 loops, straight or universal. Before shopping for mounted lighting fixtures for your mounted lighting control system, it is important that you have the type of track you have or the type of track you want to shop for. Keep in mind that not every lighting fixture is compatible with every track system software. The positioning of the fixture is determined by the manufacturer, the power adapter specification and the operating voltage required for the track you have.

 LED Track Panel Light


  • Reasonable layout: Lighting fixture LED track is straight or handy, it has a single control circuit or dual circuit power supply settings.


The lighting control system is either immediately mounted on the ceiling ceiling or suspended from the ceiling ceiling. Take these elements into consideration when selecting the kind of components you must have. You can apply track port numbers and a variety of track lengths to configure everything you need for a logical layout of the installed light system.


Powerstar gives a universal selection of lighting fixture equipment, tracks, track heads, track machinery equipment and table mounted light switch power port numbers to achieve your full track lighting fixture provision. Track lighting system software is often set in all art galleries, retail stores, restaurants and restaurant kitchens.


Choosing your lighting fixture manufacturer

To select the right components for your LED commercial service lighting fixtures, you should find out if such components are interoperable with the track system software. In addition, consider the object being lit. Components installed for lighting artistic creations are usually different from those used for general lighting. In addition to this, the size and chromaticity of the lights are not the same.


LED track lights installed on the roof and walls must be highly efficient and individualizable areas. This kind of light is especially suitable for fixed lighting fixtures. For example, focusing the light source on crafts or other objects and lighting fixtures at work. The main use of track lighting is universal, so it is very easy to remove and change the lighting effect to match the furniture of the layout again, and this type of lighting solution is the best choice for areas that cannot accommodate recessed lighting.

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