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​How To Choose LED Track Lights For Clothing Stores?

Sep. 05, 2022

Clothing store if the light is too dark and too bright, the apparent finger is too low, etc. will affect the customer's buying experience, good decoration can play an icing on the cake to the store, shaping a good light environment, not only to enhance the image of the store, but also to guide consumers into the store to enhance sales. From a professional point of view, take you deeper understanding of clothing store lighting fixtures, learn some professional knowledge, but also save your time and energy in the selection of materials.

How to choose the color of clothing store lighting?

Depending on the style of clothing, men's, women's, fashion, leisure, etc., to choose the LED track light color, light color professional word is "color temperature", commonly used color temperature: 2700-6500K; very special color temperature: 1800-2200K, 8000-20000K, generally used to do the atmosphere also some other special product lighting, used in the clothing industry is very little, we will use the light color: 1800-2200K, 8000-20000K. Used in the clothing industry is very little, we will talk about the commonly used color temperature it.

Fashion Lighting

 Fashion Lighting     

Color temperature explanation

  • 3000-3500K, this light color is warm white light, equivalent to the 7:30 a.m. sunlight, a little yellow, colorful, fashionable women's clothing, children's stores, ethnic style, etc. with more light color.

  • 4000K is the natural white (also called neutral light), equivalent to the sunlight at 10 a.m., sportswear, professional wear, business wear, suits, etc.

  • 6000K is the cold white light, equivalent to the 2:00 p.m. sunlight, very bright, middle-aged and elderly clothing, stage wear, etc.

Some people call 4000K and 5000K are positive white light; more in-depth words, you need to store according to the specific style to fine selection.

B. Beam angle is also called luminous angle, is achieved through the optical lens, store products commonly used beam angle: 15D, 24D, 36D, 45D, the smaller the angle, the more concentrated light emitted, then how to choose it, which depends on the irradiation distance to choose, and most of the clothing store irradiation distance of about 3 meters, so 15/24D is the most used, the window is the focus of lighting, the window becomes focus, with 15D mostly; have to be adjusted according to the actual situation, and then further subdivided according to the density and location of placement, and the division of the area to further choose, the sense of hierarchy and primary and secondary lighting will be distinguished.

3000k LED Track Light

3000k LED Track Light

C. What is the impact of color rendering on the lighting, the apparent finger low easy to cause visual fatigue, vision is also affected, the color temperature of what is seen will be subject to a certain conflict, the higher the apparent finger, can restore the color of the product itself, but also to improve the highlights, rich color, the product looks much more beautiful.

D. Clothing store track spotlights generally use how much wattage it, how many lights are needed?

1. Decorating style, dark, warm, cool tones.

2. The illumination distance, which means the height of the irradiation distance.

3. The density of product placement, the natural lighting of the store.

According to these 3 aspects, you provide these data when you buy the lamp, can be accurately calculated for you.

Lamps need to be far from the wall distance: normal between 60-100CM, 80CM program with more; now the track lighting can be adjusted direction, flexibility is still relatively strong.

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