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Congratulations DMX 512 LED Down Light Used in Dongguan Poly Theatre Stage

Dec. 06, 2021
  • The Status and Installation of Dongguan Poly Theatre Before Renovation.

Main Lights are PAR 56 - 300 watt halogen lamp, light color mixed, high heat generation, life expectancy only 1000 hours, easy to stop working due to emission of light through the principle of heat. Besides, the theater lights installed for a relatively long time, the joint is easy to loosen, it is easy to power off. Maintenance and replacement is very difficult.

The theater illumination in 20-30lux. due to halogen light decay is particularly large, the use of two hours a day, every six months will need to be replaced from a new. In view of the current expensive labor, the theater replacement operation and maintenance is particularly difficult. Given that the theater was built a long time ago, the installation and maintenance were not sufficiently considered at the time, making it more difficult to update and maintain.

The top 8" is very limited due to the installation space. Only one person can be allowed to lie down to work. The original fixtures were PAR 56 halogen lamps with fixture brackets. The old lamp had to be dismantled first, and the personnel had to be sent down with a sling, then the new lamp was sent up with a sling after dismantling, and the new lamp had to be fixed with a safety rope. 

Dongguan Poly Theatre LED Lighting Project

  • The Effect of Install Powerstar LED Lighting

1.Replaced by DMX512 30W LED down light, 20W DMX LED down light, 50W DMX LED down light, 150W Flood light etc. , it is DMX 512 led down light solution, the creation application that led down light support DMX control white color, not only RGB colors. Using Japan's original imported Citizen lamp beads Nichia chip, the maximum power of the lamp beads 140 watts, the actual use of the lamp beads only 40 watts, the life of the lamp beads up to 100,000 hours, led drive life up to 50,000 hours, the power of 50 watts maximum, energy saving 80%, the whole lamp life of 50,000 hours, for the halogen lamp (before the transformation) life of 50 times more, save the daily installation and maintenance, to ensure that within 5 years light decay is less than 10%. The whole illumination is 10-20 times higher than before the renovation.


2.Control part, before the transformation for DMX to thyristor program, only group control can not be programmed lamps address. Can not single control and can not be grouped, and there is bad linearity of the dimming method. The new installation directly using DMX control, using RDM remote computer code, any set of fixture address, no need to go to the fixture end. After the installation of DMX, single light, group, group control are available. And consider the theater special use of an additional converter, you can control in the background, saving the trouble of having to open the host control.

Lamps with flicker-free low-harmonic power supply, to ensure that any shooting, machine and equipment operation is not subject to any interference. The saturation of the entire light color is comfort, light consistency are up to international first-class standards. The use of imported low-glare anti-glare film, optical optimization, to ensure sufficient comfort. Can play a very good lighting experience.

Dongguan Poly Theatre LED Lighting Project

Before the RenovationAfter the Renovation
Lamp power

PAR56 - 300 watt halogen lamp

Powerstar 20/50 watt LED light
Lifetime1000 hours50000 hours
Illumination20-30 lux200-300 lux
Energy consumption92KW/H20KW/H
Light colorLight is dark, mixed, blinding,                        uncomfortableUsing imported low-glare anti-glare film,    the saturation of light color, comfort, light  consistency are up to international first-class standards.
Control methodDMX to thyristor solution, can not control   the lamps individually, only group control  can not be programmed lamps address.DMX control, single light, group, group control   are available
Lamp replacement frequencyReplace once every six months5 years above
Lamp maintenance costThe connector is easy to loosen, easy to power off, to be replaced often, the installation height of 17 meters / 30 meters, operation and maintenance is particularly difficult, the maintenance fee cost is very high.Save the daily installation and maintenance, to ensure that the light decay within 5 years less than 10%.

Shenzhen Powerstar LED lights DMX 512 LED down light, DMX 512 LED track light support Dali/PWM/0-10V/SCR control system.

1. Able to achieve smooth brightness dimming (0-100%)

2. Able to achieve brightness segment dimming (25%, 50%, 75%, 100%)

3. Can realize color temperature adjustment (2700K--4000K-6000K)

4. It can realize remote control (2.4G, 5.8G, APP connection)

5. Can realize single or group control (1-500 unit)

6. Suitable for use in any scene (Lecture hall lighting, high-speed rail station lighting, shopping mall lighting, theater lighting, airport terminal lighting, hotel lighting, etc.)

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