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Zigbee RGBW led track light

Oct. 18, 2022



Driven by the wave of big data and the Internet of Things, consumers' demand for smart home and lighting is no longer satisfied with the functional nature of space, but increasingly pay attention to the perfect combination of technology and art. The transformation of consumer demand has caused profound qualitative and quantitative changes in the smart home and lighting industry, and the market is constantly segmented. At the same time, the smart home and lighting market segment based on Zigbee technology is gradually prominent, which is more flexible and easier to leverage the demand market. Zigbee smart home and lighting technology application has also become a breakthrough for major smart home and lighting manufacturers to chase each other, integrators compete to occupy the commanding heights, a new era of smart home and lighting is coming.


Zigbee is a new wireless connection technology, the wireless connection technology mainly solves the low cost, low power consumption, low complexity, low transmission rate, close distance device networking applications, compared with the existing wireless communication technologies, Zigbee technology is one of the lowest power consumption and cost technologies.


RGBW LED COB Down light, used CRI>90 and flicker free driver, the color of light is very uniform, comfortable and healthy, the control ways have RF/DMX512/APP....., customer can adjust the beam angle and the color by arbitrary switching.

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