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Why R9 of Color Rendering Index So Important?

Jun. 07, 2022

Color rendering index refers to the object with a light source lighting and standard light source (usually the standard light source to do with the sun) lighting, the degree of its nature to restore the color.

Ra color rendering index, the maximum value of 100. When there is little or no object in the spectrum of the light source reflected by the reference light source, the color will produce a significant color difference, the greater the degree of chromatic aberration, the poorer the color rendering of the light source.

Fruits And Vegetables Lighting

Fruits And Vegetable Lighting

Different scenes, the light color rendering index requirements are not the same. From the viewpoint of eye protection, the color rendering index of the lamps used needs to be greater than 80.

90-100 need accurate color contrast of the place

80-89 need color correct judgment of the place

60-79 Medium color rendering of the place

40-59 on the color of the less demanding, smaller color place

20-3 9 Colorlessness No specific requirements of the place

Color rendering index measurement method, we must first measure its spectrum, and then (by program) calculated. The color used for the CRI is 14 colors stipulated by CIE (International Commission on Illumination). In China, 15 Asian women are added to their skin color. Respectively labeled as R1, R2, R3 ... R14, R15.

Fresh Food Lighting

Fresh Food Lighting

They are defined as follows:

R1, light gray red; R2, dark gray yellow R3: saturated yellow-green; R4, medium yellowish green; R5, light blue-green; R6, light blue; R7, magenta; R8, Saturated Red; R10, Saturated Yellow; R11, Saturated Green; R12, Saturated Blue; R13, Caucasian Skin Color; R14, Leaf Green; R15, Yellow Human Skin Color.

Among them, R1 ~ R8 is called the typical display index, R9 ~ R15 is called the special color rendering index, and Ra is the average color rendering index (that is, R1 ~ R8 average). In particular, R9 (dark red) is an indicator of the quality of red reproduction. For applications such as studios, film studios, etc. where the color of the skin needs to be truly reproduced, the R15 (Yellowish Skin) index of the lighting source must never be lower. 

Museums, art galleries, and other places are required for all the colors can be a highly realistic reduction, and the Ra and R1-R15 index requirements are even more stringent. The so-called R9 is the lamp color rendering index of the red display ability, the greater the value of the red reduction the higher. In simple terms, the higher the lamp R9, the better the effect of irradiation on fruits, flowers, fresh meat, and other occasions, and more vivid. Especially as the commercial lighting of the LED track light R9 value will require higher.

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