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Comfort / energy-saving lighting needs to stimulate ambient lighting market growth

Mar. 15, 2018

As customers demand more comfortable indoor lighting, more and more modern infrastructure projects, coupled with the demand for energy-saving solutions, ambient lighting market will see significant growth in the future.

Ambient lighting provides comfortable, unobtrusive, basic lighting throughout the area, allowing users to walk safely through the environment. End-use ambient lighting is included in homes, hospitals, offices, automobiles, retail stores and other places.

Enterprises in order to improve staff productivity and create a comfortable environment, will adopt the appropriate illumination ratio, color temperature, etc .; while the automotive industry is like OSRAM, will also invest in the car LED ambient lighting for the car to add color.

In addition, retailers, including supermarkets, general stores will use ambientl lighting to make consumers have a happy shopping mood, LED ambient lighting program, not only help save 50% of electricity, but also with automatic sensing system,  can Real-time data helps sellers sell their products, such as adding salespeople on the fly as customers increase through the touch of a door, or replenishing stock promptly as inventory decreases to ensure that customers are available Required product.

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